frequently asked questions
What's the Weather Like ?

The weather varies little in Anguilla. There is only about a 4 degree F temperature variation between summer and winter. The temperature range for winter is 73 to 86 F (23 to 30 C) and 78 to 88 F ( 26 to 32 C) for summer. It's safe to say you are completely comfortable in a swimming suit 24 hours a day. Some people prefer to come in the summer because it seldom gets very hot, and the humidity (65 to 70 %) is always lower than in the Midwest or on the East Coast. Just remember to put on sun screen if you are in the sun. There is almost always a refreshing breeze on island, especially at the Wesley House because of its Navigation Hill location. Although seldom necessary, the bedrooms of the Wesley House are air conditioned. Often you will prefer to sleep with a ceiling fan on. Anguilla is an arid island but it is not unusual for it to rain. When it does rain it is usually only for a few minutes and often the sun never stops shining. It's a regular rainbow factory. The rain rarely spoils your plans.

Is the House Air Conditionned ?

Yes, All Three bedrooms are air conditionned.

What Should I Wear ?

There is no need for a sweater or rain jacket. You will never be cold. A horrible cold spell will result in temperatures plunging to 74 or 75 F at night. You can wear your swimsuit 24 hours a day. Style is the only thing, which will force you to change clothes.

What's the Electricity Like?

It's just like the US (110 volts). No need for a converter.

What's the Currency ? Can I use my Credit Cards?

US dollars are taken everywhere on the island. Most prices are quoted in US dollars, especially in places that cater to tourists. You may however, get change back in the official currency, which is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar. Both currencies are used everywhere and are completely interchangeable. The Eastern Caribbean dollar is linked to the US dollar at a fixed rate of 2.68 EC to one US dollar. Don't be afraid to ask if the price is in US or EC dollars. You are more likely to find prices in EC dollars in a place like a hardware store or certainly in a government agency such as the post office. It does vary so don't be afraid to ask.

Where Can I Buy Groceries ?

We have supermarkets that are good, but you often have to go to more than one to find everything you want. There are 4 large supermarkets on the island. There are several smaller markets in Island Harbour less than 5 minutes away. If you want fresh meat, high quality produce, or a larger quantity of frozen meat or seafood, the Merchants Market (497-5533) is a great place. They sell primarily to restaurants, but they do sell retail as well. Tropical Flower (497-4315) is a wholesale beverage supplier that also sells retail. We have two fabulous wine stores on island, which have good prices by US standards. Because there are so many upscale restaurants which need to be supplied on island, we have an amazing selection of quality US and French wines. Usually the French wines are better priced because of import and distribution situations. Ask your manager, your villa manager, for help in finding the best wine shops and fresh seafood.

How's the Seafood ?

Needless to say the local seafood is about as fresh as you can imagine. If you like, you can probably meet the guy who caught the fish. Your villa manager can help you track down just about anything you want. Don't hesitate to ask.

Does Wesley House have Maid Service?

Yes! Everyday except Sunday. Please don't do the dishes unless you really enjoy it. You're on vacation. Enjoy!

What are the Best Restaurants?

It's endless. There are so many upscale restaurants you just can't keep up. The best chefs on island seem to migrate from one restaurant to another each season. Ask your villa manager to suggest what's hot this season. Also look at the sample menus we have collected from what we think are some of the best.There are also affordable restaurants featuring local cuisine, and many inexpensive beach bar - burger type places.

Is there Internet Access at Wesley House?

Yes. If you bring your own laptop we have Wireless Broadband access to the Internet. You may use your 802.11g (supporting 802.11g or 802.11b) wireless adaptor to connect or plug directly into the router with your CAT5 ethernet cable.

What is there to Do?

The most popular activity on Anguilla by far is going to the beach. It's no wonder. We have the nicest beaches in the Caribbean. Ask your villa manager for tips. Do you want solitude or partying? They really vary. If you want golf, tennis, fishing, snorkeling, boating, windsurfing, or SCUBA, just ask your villa manager to make arrangements for you.

Is it Easy to o to St-Martin?

Yes, it's easy to take the ferry. St. Martin is Anguilla's closest neighbor and knowing the ferry system is key to enjoying its great food, jet airport, golfing, and chic shopping. The crossing takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is about $12 US each way. The ferry runs every hour during daylight. The last run of the day varies with the time of the year. You should have your passport. St. Martin is two worlds, one half French and one half Dutch.

How Close is the Beach?

If you view the pictures of the pool you can see how far it is to the beach. The closest beach is a 5 minute drive or a 20 minute walk. Many other wonderful beaches are about a 10 to 15 minute drive.

Can we Rent the Guest House without the Main House?

We do not permit guests to rent the Guest House without also renting the main house.

Will we be Sharing the space with other People?

No. You will have the entire property to yourself.